[[Smile You Fucker]]
[[Love Is Just An Exchange]]
[[Of Corporate Documents]]


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[[A Thousand Tears]]
[[I've Cried]]


[[Nothing is forever]]

Hello.. today is monday.. Yesterday i fell down and went boom. today was boring. no landicina today which was kinda cool. anyway lauren came over last night for my mommys birthday party. tomorrow is her birthday.. happy birthday to my 39 year old ma. lauren got a fuckin belt made that says laur. how ghetto is that? lol. shes gonna get shot up like what by the scary african american gal. im out- Rikki
Ps. Hi Lisa!

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Hello Today i did nothing. well i did go sledding with mikey across the street but that was it. the end love rikki lynn

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[[Movies are fun]]

Hello. we're watching movies. score. we watched beauty and the beast and now monsters inc. and then something else. whoo. ok im gonna go. bye --- Rikki

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[[I Didnt want it this way]]

Hello.. Today i had inschool wasnt bad.. tina and I say there and talked about anything and everything known to man. i need a ciggarette. fuck this im still mad laur.. oh wait not like your ever going to read this oh well.

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[[Ive been here before, a few times]]

[[Quiet Things No One Ever Knows]]

Score! Me and tina have in school tomorrow because we were smoking in the bathroom.. oh well fuck it at least i dont have to go to ms. kelleys class. i get to take like 3 tests tomorrow with my books because my teachers are stupid asses and will send down the tests. anyway.. im listening to blink.. dunno why but i am.. John! I Like you strongly lol.. thats all i gotta say. tomorrow night im going to stay home and study for my SATS. and then saturday im taking them.. i gotta make index cards because i need to memorize prefixs and suffixs. then maybe ill be able to get into a college if i can aleast score good on the English Section considering thats what all my applications say for a major. fuck math.. seriously fuck it. okies im gonna go now lol later- Rikki

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[[Literate and stylish]]

[[Your a Touch Overrated]]
[[Your a Lush and I Hate It]]

First Kiss I Enjoyed: Dan
First job: uhm.. babysitting?
First screen name: Whcutie14
First self purchased CD: New found glory- Nothing gold can stay
First funeral: nonno
First pets: Annabell- My Cat who was Possesed by the devil
First piercing: my ears
First big trip: Canada
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Guns and Roses
Last big car ride: To... Empress with mike and mel.. it was an hour and i felt sick
Last kiss: Dan
Last cry: i dont fuckin know ask lauren
Last movie seen: Gothika with John
Last beverage drunk: Cranberry lime Selzter water
Last food consumed: Pancakes
Last phone call: lauren maybe
Last TV show watched: one life to live
Last shoes worn: the big chunk pink ones
Last CD played: From Autumn to ashes- Too Bad Your Beautiful
Last item bought: Seltzer water and ciggarettes
Last soda drunk: i dont drink soda it makes you fat
Last ice cream eaten: Mud Pie Coffee ice cream
Last shirt worn: My Chemical Romance
Had sex: i dunno maybe a month?
Smoked: ab 15 mins ago
Watched your favorite movie: last night (JIMMY NEUTRON!)
Had a nightmare: i dunno
Last time you showered : when i got home ab 3 hours ago
Love and Relationships
Do you have a bf/gf?: no, i have a beauty queen
Do you have a crush?: Dan
How long have you liked him/her?: all i gotta say is alk3 show lol
Why do you like this person?: because hes my beauty queen and hes not like everyone else
How long was your longest relationship?: year and a half
How long was your shortest relationship?:i dunno like.. a day lmao laur
The Present
What are you wearing?: Mr. Bubbles and a tank top
What are you doing?: chewing on my retainer
Who are you talking to?: Dan! and dave
What song are you listening to?:taking back sunday
Where are you?: my room
Are you online?: yes.
How are you feeling?: i want more pancakes
Do you write in cursive or print?: both
Are you a lefty or a righty?: lefty like tim armstrong lol
What is your sexual preference?: wouldn't you like to know
What piercings do you have?: 0 gauge plugs
Any tattoos?: nope
Do you drive?: yah.. i failed
do you have glasses or braces?:Glasses that rock
Who are the people you turn to ?: Lauren Wynne (of course) John Melanie Sabrina Dave Ian

I was Bored and it was in pascales Journal lol =o)

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[[Cross Out The Eyes]]

Hello.. School today was gay.. nothing too interesting.. i saw a girl sing to her locker that was pretty funny.. uhm.. Went to the best budddies meeting i have some girl who i dont know. uhm I'm Over It.. Bye =o) rikki-lynn

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hello, whoo went to school.. made  lauren to go.. uhmm   hung out with john just got home the end.

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[[I never meant to hurt you]

I Love My Beauty Queen! The end

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[[Your only as happy as your pretending]]

X::Screaming Infidelities::X

Yah hung out with lauren today. went christmas shopping. going to listen to music.
Any other questions? -rikki

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